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Our network

Built with resilience to the very core

Elite is a Tier 2 Network operator. We operate a diverse and resilient UK national network, with our core Points of Presence (POPs) being based in London and Portsmouth.

Elite is at present leading Internet Exchange Points such as LINX and LONAP. We have access to multiple Tier 1 upstream providers, including Level(3), KPN, Global Crossing, Abovenet and Teleglobe.

We have access to diverse fibre spanning the UK, extending our network reach Nationwide, enabling us to offer services such as Ethernet Leased Lines and Ethernet Multi-site.

Our diverse POP structure enables us to offer services such as Disaster Recovery and backup solutions.

Points of presence (POP)

Elite's network includes four core network points of presence in the UK:

  • Internet House, Portsmouth
  • Telehouse North, London
  • Telehouse Metro, London
  • Telehouse East, London

In addition to the above we can accept private peering and supply connectivity to our network in the following Network Access Points (NAPs):

  • Telehouse North
  • Telehouse East
  • Telehouse Metro
  • GlobalSwitch London 1
  • GlobalSwitch London 2
  • Level(3) Goswell Road
  • Level(3) Braham Street
  • TelecityGroup 6/7 Harbour Exchange
  • TelecityGroup 8/9 Harbour Exchange
  • TelecityGroup Meridian Gate
  • TelecityGroup Sovereign House
  • TelecityGroup Bonnington House
  • Interxion Brick Lane
  • CityLifeLine
  • Thus iPHouse
  • IoMart London
  • Telstra London Hosting Centre

We are also present on the following Internet Exchange Points (IXPs):

  • LINX (224 Brocade LAN)
  • LINX (226 Extreme LAN)

More information on these IXPs as well as our peering information can be found here.

Further information

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