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Managed hosting

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Want to free up your staffing resources and not have them tied up supporting your Hosting solution? At Elite we know you need peace of mind and need to know your Hosting Solution is in safe hands. We can locate your Managed Hosting Solution in one of our secure facilities around the UK, which are monitored round the clock to ensure you're always online and always visible.

Managed hosting from Elite

Our managed hosting solutions come complete with

  • 24/7/365 Telephone Support
  • Software Installation and Configuration
  • Security Updates & Maintenance Patches
  • Installing & configuring web server modules
  • Adding domains, emails & ftp accounts
  • Disk Space Management
  • Server Load Monitoring and Management
  • Control Panel Installation & Configuration
  • Continuous Data Protection Backup Included
  • Full Operating System Management & Configuration

We will spend time getting to know your business and its unique requirements and needs. We will then provide our recommendations for your hosting solution, tailored to your exact requirements. Your hosting project manager will be in regular contact with you to ensure you understand what is happening throughout the build and implementation of your hosting infrastructure.

Load balancing on Complex hosting off

In todays e-commerce driven world there is need for greater processing power and scalability for your hosting solution. Elite has vast expeience in providing such solutions, that require dedicated platforms to perform dedicated tasks, with utmost reliability, whilst enabling each platform to scale for future requirements.

Managed hosting diagram

  • Maximum Availability - Load Balancing not only shares the load between servers, but also runs a heartbeat protocol, ensuring that should a server fail traffic is not directed to that server maintaining maximum availability for your hosting solution.
  • Maximum Performance - Additional servers can be easily added (or removed) behind the load balancers, ensuring maximum performance and scalability.

How can load balancing benefit your business?

Load balancing can greatly affect your business by ensuring that your server has maximum performance. If you require any server maintenance then you can have total peace of mind that your service will be unaffected. This will greatly reduce loss of productivity and increase your customers' confidence in your business.

By load balancing your servers, you can guarantee a faster user experience whilst also providing higher availability, as your website is protected from a single point of failure at the server level.

Whether you are buying a single dedicated server or a complex hosting cluster, you need to be confident that the hosting service you have chosen will fulfil your business needs and service your customers to their expectations.

The success of your online business is of the upmost importance to us, so we carefully manage the process from first point of contact with a hosting consultant and pre-sales engineer right through to the technical team that builds and deploys your service and further establishing ongoing support for your solution.

We can provide complex hosting solutions, tailored to suit the requirements and budget for businesses of all sizes. If you require mission critical business hosting we can offer the complete bespoke hosting solution including server management, daily back-ups and recovery.

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