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IP transit

High-performance reliability

Elite delivers reliable, high-performance and cost effective IP Transit. Our network is built on reliability, low latency and diversity.

IP transit from Elite

Versatile, redundant and reliable Tier 2 transit

Linx / LONAPElite can offer a cost effective, diverse and redundant IP Transit connection. Automatic access to diverse Tier 1 upstream providers, including Level 3, KPN & Abovenet. Why not take advantage of our extensive network peering with over 350 peers at multiple Internet Exchange Points, such as LINX and LONAP.

Direct Tier 1 IP transit

Elite can offer you a direct connection (BGP4) to its selection of Tier 1 providers. These include, Level 3, KPN, Abovenet, Global Crossing and Teleglobe (TATA Communications). These connections are direct to the Tier 1 provided over a diverse Layer 2 connection. Our wholesale pricing structures mean we can offer you competitive pricing.

Aggregated Tier 1 IP transit

Want to add diversity to your IP Transit mix? Elite can offer you a direct connection to multiple Tier 1 providers. Connection is provided over an Ethernet connection, separated by multiple VLANs. Or you can choose to take multiple Ethernet ports to the Tier 1 providers. Elite then bills you on an aggregated pricing structure, enabling you to make huge savings.

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