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Dedicated private cloud

Private infrastructure, dedicated hardware

A Dedicated Private Cloud from Elite offers you your own Cloud infrastructure based on your own dedicated hardware and resources. We can design and configure a hardware configuration that best meets your actual business needs and in addition provides that extra layer of security, vital for those with sensitive data storage requirements. Whilst we can use any hardware you require, we recommend the use of best of breed range of hardware such as HP servers and blades. We can offer Fibre Channel or iSCSI over Gigabit or TenGigabit Ethernet SANs.

A Dedicated Private Cloud offers your business fantastic flexibility of computing resources. The ability to add and remove virtual machines at a moments notice and to build complex, multitiered architectures from a dedicated hardware and resource pool.

DPC diagram


  • Physically private network
    Your own private network of cloud virtual servers
  • Dedicated hardware and resource pool
    Dedicated resources on dedicated physical infrastructure, that you can allocate to any of your virtual machines at any time
  • High availability as standard
    Unlike many cloud operators, we build into our offering High Availability as standard
  • Live storage resilience
    We can design your storage resiliently where your SANs are constantly backing up data between multiple nodes, enabling high availability and automatic fail-over
  • Dedicated switching
    Dedicated physical redundant switching infrastructure
  • Firewall protection
    We provide Firewall protection as standard (if required)
  • CDP backup compatible
    All our cloud offerings are fully compatible with our Continuous Data Protection Backup solutions, ask us about this if required
  • Choice of operating systems
    Choose from a vast array of OS which include Windows Server, Redhat Enterprise Linux Server, Novell SUSE Linux Server, CentOS Linux to name but a few!


  • Lower TCO
    No capital expenditure or outlay means you can buy computing resource for the duration of your project
  • Maximise business productivity
    Our High Availability Design ensures minimal downtime which means maximum productivity for your applications and business
  • Increase staff productivity
    Not having to worry about Hardware & OS management means your IT staff can concentrate on your IT applications

What Elite does for your dedicated private cloud

  • Full support of the operating system running on each of your Virtual Machines
  • Provision your new Virtual Machines
  • Manage and support the configuration, hypervisor layer and infrastructure 24x7x365
  • Assist in the design, configuration and deployment of your dedicated private cloud configuration
  • Purchase and renew all required software licenses
  • Install all related hardware components
  • Manage the network and data centre 24x7x365
  • Provide industry leading Service Level Agreements

Further information

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