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Cloud hosting

What is cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting enables security, load balancing and server resources to be handled virtually. With cloud hosting you are no longer restricted to the limits of one physical piece of hardware. Cloud hosting applications have access to the processing power of a number of servers that are distributed in real time.

In a traditional hosting environment, an application (for example a web server) is limited to the resource constraints of the physical server it is on, such as RAM, processing power and available bandwidth for example. Cloud hosting enables your applications to break free of this limitation. Should your application outgrow its current resource allocation, you can simply purchase as much computing power as you need from a virtually inexhaustible supply. Cloud hosting infrastructure means that scaling up and down is seemless to your application, enabling your hosting resources to grow with your online business, without costly interruption.

Cloud Hosting from Elite

Virtual private servers

Private server,
shared hardware

A Virtual Private Server offers your business fantastic flexibility of computing resources. The flexibility to increase RAM or CPU cores at any time to any Virtual Machine means a Virtual Private Server can quickly and easily scale to suit your business or application needs.

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Virtual private cloud

Private infrastructure,
shared hardware

A Virtual Private Cloud offers your business fantastic flexibility of computing resources. The ability to add and remove virtual servers at a moments notice and to build complex, multi-tiered architectures from a dedicated resource pool.

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Dedicated private cloud

Private infrastructure,
dedicated hardware

A Dedicated Private Cloud from Elite offers you your own Cloud infrastructure based on your own dedicated hardware and resources. We can design and configure a hardware configuration that best meets your actual business needs and in addition provides that extra layer of security, vital for those with sensitive data storage requirements.

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